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Enhance your life

We use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to enhance life by improving fitness, confidence, and the ability to defend yourself while connecting you to a community of other positive, motivated people.

Enhance Your Life.


We are the premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in the Hampstead area and an official affiliate of Lucas Lepri, one of the most decorated jiu jitsu athletes in history.

We believe jiu jitsu is more than just a sport, self-defense system, or fitness program; it’s a lifestyle that improves the whole person. The physical, mental, and transcendent benefits of jiu jitsu should be accessible to everyone, from beginner to world-class competitor and any age, sex, or ethnicity.

We will help you achieve your goals and believe Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will enhance your life by improving your overall fitness, confidence, ability to defend yourself (and your family), and connecting you to a community of other positive, motivated people for support.


Get in great shape while having a blast.  Brazilian jiu jitsu torches fat and calories because it includes aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. But your workout is never a chore because you’re focused on your next move rather than the work you’re doing.


You’ll know your skills are effective because you’ll actually spar with training partners at near 100% effort which allows you to see the effectiveness of your actions.

Self Defense

See why the winners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – a contest that allows any martial art – rely on Brazilian jiu jitsu.  It’s the most practical self-defense skillset you can find.


Because you learn alongside training partners, you’re never alone. Doing jiu jitsu at Crest means that you have a positive community that helps support all of your athletic goals.

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3. Enhance Your life

The benefits of jiu jitsu will help you gain fitness, confidence, a new community, and the skill of self defense.

Something for Everyone.


Adult Jiu Jitsu

More than just a sport, self-defense system, or fitness program, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you in all aspects of life. You’ll gain confidence, reduce stress, become more positive, and improve overall happiness. It will enhance your  life by improving fitness, confidence, the ability to defend yourself while connecting you to a community of other positive, motivated people.

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Kids Martial Arts

The foundation of our kids program is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is considered the most practical and effective martial art in the world. It’s one of the best gifts you can provide a child because it provides character development and personal growth that will impact every area of their life. It is a fun way for kids to get into shape, gain confidence, learn respect, improve discipline, and prevent bullying.

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Learn from the best.


William “Tyler” Boone & Johnny Martens opened Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in April 2018.  Both are military veterans who found jiu jitsu as a way to improve fitness, confidence, and push through challenges as well as great way to connect with the community.

“A jiu jitsu academy can have a family-like vibe and bond like the military.  It’s a brotherhood. It’s a place of security, safety, and trust. We put on lives in other’s hands every day — not to the same degree as combat for sure, but enough that you build a community much like we found, and loved, in the military.  A community of camaraderie and support to help us all attain our own individual goals.

Some people come to jiu jitsu because they are tired of the rote workout routine, and are looking to find new, more engaging ways to get fit, lose weight, or improve their health.  Some come because they want to be able to defend themselves or their families. Some want to be challenged – to have their limits pushed. Other come looking for a connection to other positive, like-minded people.  In my experience, a lot of people end up doing jiu jitsu for some of the same reasons people love the military. You’ll get in the best shape of your life, are challenged every day, and experience life in a community of amazing people.

We wanted to be part of building that community so we started Crest, and we’ve been so fortunate to have a community just as we envisioned.  We’re a tight group. We train hard, and we play hard.”

Johnny & Tyler

Our Affilation

Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lucas Lepri is one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the world. He is a 8-time black belt World Champion and has won every major jiu jitsu tournament in the world, a feat accomplished by only a handful of athletes in history.

For our students, our affiliation with Lucas ensures that our teaching methods, curriculum, and belt promotion process are best-in-class, and we have access to the world’s best jiu jitsu talent and a network of academies around the world.


Come try out the sport and us --- on us. No cost nor obligation.

What they’re saying.


Very family friendly atmosphere! All of the instructors are great, they have classes for all age groups and everyone is made to feel welcomed and comfortable no matter the skill level. My four kids and I have been training there since June and we all feel like the staff and members at Crest have become like family. My kids are ages 8,10,15,17 and they all Love it! Not only are they having fun and getting physical exercise, but at the same time they are learning self defense. I am 42 and for myself training at Crest motivated me to push beyond anything I would do on my own. Since June I have lost 40lbs, from 275 to 235! Whether you are a beginner, experienced, wanting to compete, or just looking to get in shape and learn some self defense all of the staff @ Crest have the knowledge and know how to help anyone improve and build up from any level.


Crest BJJ is exactly what my family needed. We love the staff, location,and art. Thank you for the opportunity.

Marvin Borja

We needed this in Hampstead.  Thank you Crest!

Isabella Edwards Campbell

The gym is great, instructors are awesome, and the location is perfect. They offer classes at a huge variety of times which is great because it accommodates a lot of people’s schedules. Additionally, this school is a Lucas Lepri affiliate and that reverberates in the instruction. It’s great for the novice just starting out and it’s perfect for the seasoned Juijitero. If you’re on the fence which gym you want to join just give it a try…give them all try and you can make the best choice for you. For me Crest was the best choice.

Mike Nak

Crest BJJ is the perfect place for the entire family. They have a program for everyone! There is no reason to go anywhere else!

Larry Orton

Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is awesome!!!  All the coaches are great with kids.  Very excited to be apart of this local gym.

Jeska Borja

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What’s in the news.


Johnny promoted to black belt!

Johnny promoted to black belt!

April 3rd was an huge day for Crest BJJ. We had an amazing seminar with Lucas Lepri, several of our members received belt promotions, and Crest founder/owner/instructor, Johnny Martens, received his black belt!! As most know, earning a black belt in Brazilian Jiu...

Welcome to the new Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website!

Welcome to the new Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website!

Welcome to the new website for Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  We hope that this new home on the web better represents us – the collective “us” –  you as students, us, our kids’ team, and our affiliation.  All of the Crest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family. As we began this...